Half term Happiness

I love the school holidays for lots of reasons…I am a part-time languages teacher, so it means I get a break from what can be a very stressful job. I also get to spend valuable time with own 2 lovely daughters and my husband also a teacher! In fact as he is an overworked deputy head in a small school, I’ll be particularly glad that he gets a break too.

It also gives me time to work on my art and I have the rare task of creating a 50th wedding anniversary picture for my in laws. Will update you on the progress of this later in the week! I created one 6 years ago for my own parents, which thankfully my dad got to enjoy before he passed away suddenly 5 months later. It’s still on mum’s dining room wall ❤

Talking of whom, we are off to visit her during half term too, which is a break from the norm and means we get spoiled aswell!

Need to get thinking how to promote my pictures as perfect Chrishmas gifts too. I still have my offer on the single letter pictures – £15 instead of £20 until the end of the month. Get your order in now before the madness of school starts again!!!