Strange times

These are definitely strange times we are living in, but in addition to learning how to teach secondary school pupils French online, I have had time to create new designs and new ideas within my business. I have created fresh nursery artwork with new themes for me such as Space and Flamingos, and incorporating symbols of different nationalities as well as the popular themes of fairies, flowers, animals and transport.

Paper family art continue to be popular, especially as Christmas gifts, and pictures as a gift from me for a kind neighbour and my mother in laws 75th birthday have included images of hobbies and interests, very personal and unique.

I have also ventured into general art, with a commission to just paint flowers for a room revamp. My girls got involved too, which was great and allowed us to create a trio of pictures, each in our own individual style. They even persuaded me to try Tiktok with my artwork!

Baby name artwork and handwritten typography will always be my first loves though. Where to go from here…?