Hand decorated wooden signs

As individual as you need them to be! I can create decorative signs for nursery walls, gifts for teachers, or a special heart for Mothers’ Day. The themes are endless, just let me know what you have in mind!

Santa sign

Get ready for the festive season!

Welcome signs for Santa, Christmas tree decorations, or a Christmas Day countdown. I can create personalised decorations to thrill your family and friends or help the children get ready for the big day. If you can’t quite see what you’re looking for, please just ask…

Easter Gifts!

Are you looking for a different gift for Easter? What about my personalised, gift-wrapped Easter eggs? or even a set for the whole family?

Crafty Karen gifts

Decorative hairbrushes and pyrography artwork.

My pyrography artwork involves delicately burning a pattern into the wood. I can create bespoke signs, and wooden gifts with intricate decoration